Salesforce Integration with Sitecore: Live Demo

If we have a Sitecore instance all set, we can create and witness a seamless connectivity between Sitecore and Salesforce through Salesforce Connect Module without any additional cost :-) We can create a  free developers account at Salesforce end and then get this readily available module from marketplace and simply initiate the configurations.

I had recently been invited to present on “Salesforce Integration with Sitecore” at Sitecore User Group Bangalore and it was great to share my experience on the same. The recording of the session and the presentation deck has been shared and can be viewed at . The recording it also available on You Tube at .

In the session I have talked about the below listed points:

1.  Major Sitecore-Salesforce Connectors available and their features.

2. Creating a connection using Salesforce Connect Module:

  1.     Demonstrated the steps required at Salesforce end.
  2.     The steps required at Sitecore End

3. Live demo of the connectivity.

4. Issues/Blockers which may arise during the connectivity and the resolution to the same.

Adding to this I have found that the Salesforce Connect Module is definitely compatible upto the Sitecore 8.1 Update 3, i.e. to the highest revision of Sitecore 8.1 version. But, it is not compatible with Sitecore 8.2 or higher version by default. We will see the below error screen, when we access User Manager and Log files, respectively, post all configurations in Sitecore 8.2 or higher version:

Error_8.2 ErrorLog_8.2

But the way it has been developed, I am sure that it can be extended to work with Sitecore 8.2 or higher versions, seamlessly.

And in case you are opting for a paid connector, the best connector as per me is S4S by FuseIT.  Some of its interesting features are listed as below:

  • The S4Sconnector integrates Sitecore CMS with Salesforce allowing the seamless exchange of information. With real-time bi-directional communication
  • Almost any object in either system can be made visible to the other. For example, Salesforce documents can be made accessible on the website to selected users.
  • Even website login credentials can be stored and controlled in Salesforce contact records.
  • Among its many uses, S4S lets organizations collect leads from web forms and push the form data, along with Sitecore Experience Analytics, to Salesforce allowing fast and easy qualification.
  • Auto-add form leads to Salesforce campaigns
  • Capture web browsing analytics in Salesforce
  • Better qualify and filter leads – targeted campaigns
  • Personalize web content from Salesforce

Please feel free to add your valuable comments/feedback. Thanks.


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