Having Issues while using Glass.Mapper with Sitecore 9? Here we Go…

Version Details: Sitecore Experience Platform 9.0 rev. 171219 (9.0 Update-1) and Glass.Mapper Issue Background: We have recently upgraded to Sitecore 9 Update 1 from Sitecore 8.1 Update 3. And then we upgraded the Glass.Mapper to it’s latest stable version and started getting error “Method not found – Boolean PageMode.get_IsPageEditor()”, which appeared to be more […]


Sitecore-ClayTablet Integration

  Table of Contents Table of Contents Prerequisites for CT3 INSTALLATION Environment specifics of our Case Study Installation Steps CT3 – BulK Translation Troubleshooting   Prerequisites for CT3 INSTALLATION 1. Setting Your System Date, Time, & Time Zone Correctly The Clay Tablet Connector sends content to and receives content from the Clay Tablet Platform, which […]


Salesforce Integration with Sitecore: Live Demo

If we have a Sitecore instance all set, we can create and witness a seamless connectivity between Sitecore and Salesforce through Salesforce Connect Module without any additional cost We can create a  free developers account at Salesforce end and then get this readily available module from marketplace and simply initiate the configurations. I had recently been invited to […]


Link List Field Type: Provision to Edit Anchor Links

Well, first, I am thankful to Mr. Bergstrom for contributing Link List field type to Marketplace and thus making it quite easy for us when it comes to do anything with a collection of links. I have used it in multiple projects and multiple times. I won’t say it’s a bug reporting, rather it’s a […]


Security Guidelines for Users and Roles

Sitecore recommended practices for security (users and roles): Break inheritance rather than explicitly deny access rights. Apply security to roles rather than users. Limit access to the parts of the content tree that are relevant to the user that is logged into the system. Limit access to the ribbon items by disabling features that are […]


LINQ to Sitecore

The Linq to Items layer does not implement all of IQueryable. Below are list of supported and not supported LINQ items. Supported:  All  Any  Between — with an extra overload for including or excluding the start and end ranges.  Boost — makes this part of the query more important than the […]